Braces is one of the most popular ways to get a beautiful, healthy smile. A combination of brackets positioned carefully on your teeth and specially formed wires provide constant gentle forces that move the teeth into the correct position over the course of treatment. We offer different types of braces to suit your look and lifestyle. Your braces may be bold, with changeable colors, or subtle, tooth colored brackets that are much less obvious.

Dr. Shieh is a general dentist that has taken extensive courses to learn how perform braces in a comfortable and efficient manner. Dr. Shieh will evaluate your case to determine what best suits your needs for a smile that you can be proud of.

Goals of Braces:

  • Modifying the way your top or bottom jaw grows to correct a skeletal problem
  • Aligning teeth to improve the health of your teeth and gums
  • Improving the bite of the back teeth to reduce the wear of your teeth and to maintain the health of your jaw joint
When is the best time to begin braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the initial evaluation should occur at the first sign of orthodontic problems or no later than age 7. At this early age, treatment may not be necessary, but vigilant examination can anticipate the most advantageous time to begin treatment.

What are the benefits of early orthodontic evaluation?

Early evaluation provides both timely detection of problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment. Prudent intervention guides growth and development, preventing serious problems later. When intervention is not necessary, Dr. Dunlop and Dr. Shieh can carefully monitor growth and development and begin treatment when it is ideal.

Are you a candidate for braces?

Braces not only can improve your smile but give you confidence and improve your oral health. Dr. Shieh and Dr. Dunlop can provide a complimentary consultation to determine what best suits your needs for a healthy smile.

Braces Emergencies


It is unlikely that you’ll have an emergency with your braces. The common problems and the “at home” solutions are listed below. If you experience any of these problems, call us and we will discuss the proper solution. If you cannot fix the problem on your own, call us and make an appointment to come in so we can fix your braces.

Broken Bracket or Loose Band

If the bracket or band is still attached to your wire, leave it in place. Place wax over it if it is rubbing on your cheek. If it falls off completely, save it and bring back to the office. Call us as soon as something breaks. We like to fix broken brackets and bands within a week whenever possible..

Poking Wire

Place wax over the long wire end. If you would like, come into the office and we will cut the wire for you. If you can’t come in to see us (for example, you’re on vacation), you can use a fingernail clipper to cut the extra wire.

Sore Area or Lip or Cheek

Place wax over the bracket that is bothering your cheek or lip. Eventually, your lip or cheek will toughen up and will not be bothered by your braces.

Wire Came Out of the Last Bracket

The best solution is to take tweezers and try to stick the wire back into the molar tube. If that does not work, push the long end of the wire towards the gums. You want to trap the wire under the bracket hook and against the tooth. Notify us of this at your next appointment.

Loose Appliance

If your appliance comes loose (even on just one side), call us and we’ll get you in to fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, place wax over anything that is bothering your cheek, lips, or tongue.

Steel Tie Pushed up Against Your Lip or Cheek

Use the eraser on the end of your pencil to push the edge of the steel tie back towards your tooth. Notify us of this at your next appointment.


If your teeth are sore after your appointment, you can take whatever pain medication you normally take (like Tylenol or ibuprofen). You can also rinse with warm salt water. In a couple days you should feel better.

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